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  • Hey Guys

    I have searched the entire internet and i just cannot find the answer to this question, even though im sure im not the only one who have had this issue.

    I have a large CSV file with a lot of products that i want to upload in bulk, so i use WP all Import and that works fine. But the images in this file is mixed landscape and portrait mode which means a lot of the image get cut off. Isn’t there a plugin that can make it so the images only get scaled until the widest part of the images touches the container, so it will never get cut off?

    I know i could go through each image and make in square in photoshop but this would take ages to do with so many images, they are so different that a photoshop action cannot do the job.

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  • @hampmir

    Hi! Thanks for writing the forums.

    I’m doing an import to see how to reproduce the symptom.

    I get this message: “The WooCommerce Add-On is Required to Import Products … Get the WooCommerce Add-On”

    @hampmir, are you using the “WooCommerce Add-On (to WP All Import)”?

    If not then how are you getting past the message and completing an import?

    If I can know what exact combination of tools/techniques are being used to complete the import, that will help me to reproduce and thus help me to troubleshoot.

    Sames. I get “The WooCommerce Add-On is Required to Import Products” although I supposedly have a version that has that add-on. How can I check that I have or don’t have it?

    1) Export products from another site using WP All Export (with add-ons I don’t know)
    2) Import that file and select ‘Product’ as the post type to use.
    3) Get that error message.

    Hi. I think you may have misunderstood my issue. Yes i am using the WP all import to upload the CSV file from one of my suppliers, and the CSV file is linking to a server that contains the images so they get downloaded from there. The problem isnt that i get any errors or anything, it all uploades just like it should. The problem is that the images are not square, so some of the image get cut off in the thumbnail. I know i could just click off hard crop on the images but i want all my thunbnails to be square.

    Therefore im asking if it is possible to make sure that the image never reach out of the container.

    Please have a look at this page
    You can see all the products are fine, but the trousers are way too tall so you can only see the middle of the legs. If i could set this image to fit to the height of the container and just scale the image proportionally, which means the container wont get filled out in the width but only in the height. This simple question is hard to explain when english isnt my native language i hope you understand me πŸ™‚

    Are you using this commercial/paid (not freely available) add-on?


    “WooCommerce Add-On”

    If so, then I think a good place to ask for support for it would be on the support area. ( )

    Please let me know if I misunderstand!


    Oops! I see there is a free open-source version of the “WooCommerce Add-On”.
    “Import Products from any XML or CSV to WooCommerce”

    I apologize for the misunderstanding!

    As a next-step, I’ll see if I can reproduce they chopped-off-images symptom.

    @aexis – If this information solves your concern, then great, if not, then you could start your own thread and try to get support that way. If you end up doing so, then post the link to the new thread here if you like.

    The problem has really nothing to do with WP all Import, thats just how i chose to import. The same thing happens if i just go to new products and create a new product manually. Try using an image that is like 1920×1080 px as a product image, then you can clearly see that a lot of the image is cut off to make it fill out the square container πŸ™‚

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    Ok. Thanks for writing back.

    How about changing the “Hard crop?” checkbox, before uploading/importing the product images?

    I mean this checkbox:
    WP Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display > Product images…

    Descriptive screenshot of the “Hard Crop?” Checkboxes turned OFF:
    2017 06 21 1001 hard crop checkbox

    Descriptive screenshot of dev site how the thumbnails end up (before and after) Here:
    2017 06 21 1001 after

    What if you did that — what do you think of that?

    thank you but i have tried that but i want my thumbnails to be square and if i click off the hard crop the images will just be a mess like on the photo you uploaded. i dont like when the thumbnail are not the same size. Iguess there is no solution for this without coding some php, which i am not experienced at :/


    Hi, I don’t know if they read your mind, but I’m now checking out this plugin that happens to be new on the plugin repository — The readme file says:
    “We needed this plugin to have square images not cropped for products in Woocommerce.”

    “Square Thumbnails” plugin. Link:

    How close does this get you to the goal?

    The above plugin should get you close to your solution.
    For the future, I have created the following Enhancement Request;

    Shop Page. Ability to create a square thumbnail, without the β€œdefault” cropping
    Thank you, mschwab147

    That’s exactly what i need, thank you! im amazed this function is not implemented in the core woocommerce, it’s SO useful if you dont want to manually crop a gazillion images.

    And thank you mschwab for doing the request to the developers πŸ™‚


    How are you going with this?

    Is it resolved?

    If so then will you mark this thread as resolved, and also add a little note of how it was resolved?

    If not then will you tell us how it is currently?

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    hi mjassen i was on vacation so i havnt answered. I couldnt get any of these plugins to work so unfortunatly i still crop all the images my self, i use GIMP to batch process all the images at once, via an add on called BIMP πŸ™‚


    Hey- thanks for telling of the workaround with GIMP/BIMP that you have been using.

    (I’ll check out BIMP next time I need to do batch-resizing of images!)

    As for the issue at hand, how do you feel about it overall?

    I mean is the BIMP workaround satisfactory to you, as a long-term solution?

    Or rather are you still actively seeking a way for WordPress to do this for you?

    Looking forward to read your thoughts on this!



    I would say i still would love to have a plugin do it all manually. This is just the easiest way i could find without a plugin. With bimb you just set all images to be like 700x700px and then you just chose the folder to take them from and which folder to put them in afterwards, really easy but you still need to do it actively, which take time πŸ™‚

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