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    Hi I want to regenerate my images but since some of the pictures are different heights, the price & add to cart buttons are not in an even row. is it possible to have the buttons and price tags aligned as if all the pictures were perfect squares?

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  • You can distort some images into squares, or you can have a gap under some images. Neither looks great. Which would you prefer? Please post a link to your shop page after regenerating your images. If you note your settings before changing them, then if you don’t like the effect, you can restore your settings and regenerate again.

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    I also recommend taking a closer look at the following guide:

    so there’s no way to keep those buttons lined up if the pictures aren’t square basically? We sell table tops so we like the way the regenerated images looked in the shop on our XAMPP-copy of our site. we haven’t done it yet on our actual site because if the buttons cannot be lined up after image regeneration than it’s almost not worth doing even though our images look like crap. they’re giant squares that are only showing the middle of the entire image you can’t even tell what each table tops suppose to be…

    My images aren’t blurry. I’m trying to align the “add to cart” buttons with code.

    @lorro I’ll post up some screenshots of my products before/after regeneration with more detail. We have WP Construction Mode so i cant just link the page, you won’t be able to see it.

    For best results, the pictures need to be all the same aspect ratio. Not necessarily square, just the same width to height ratio. The alternatives are:
    – set WooCommerce settings to crop them where necessary
    – distort/stretch them using css
    – have a gap under the letterbox shapes and no gap under the squares
    – edit the images individually before uploading to get the best for each image
    – have the add-to-carts not in line

    Basically if the images are not all the same aspect ratio, there will need to be a compromise.

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    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

    this questions was never answered… why would it be marked as resolve? so should i just post this same exact question again in order to obtain a valid answer? seems redundant.

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