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    Is there a way to just add categories to a page? (not with products).

    To be specific, instead of the shop page, I’d like to set up a page which just shows a few of the shop categories, along with some design stuff like banners, etc.

    I tried using the shortcodes but had no success.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Plugin Author James Koster



    Check the catalog tab. You can set the shop page to only display categories, products or a combination of both.

    To add banners or content just add it to your shop page.


    Thank you James, but I already know how to adjust the shop page.

    I want to make another page, not a shop page, in which I want to display a specific categories and its category thumbnail, not all categories (like the shop page), and I don’t want the category products to display (like the shortcode suggestion on woo).

    Widget Store
    Sells Big, Small Tiny Widgets
    Shop shows these three categories
    If you click on small widgets, you get a page with all of the small widget products (green, blue, etc).

    Let’s say I just want a single page (separate from the shop page) that shows just the small widget category and its thumbnail (but not products within it, such as green small widget, blue small widget, etc.)

    If I add a shortcode with just category using the woo documentation, it will show all the small widget products within this category. This is not what I want.

    Is that clear? It’s a very specific request.

    Or are you saying I can have multiple shop pages? That would be confusing.

    Ok, just found this helpful video on woothemes, perhaps it will help me!

    How to find Pagecat id

    Ok, this works, just needed to know how to find the category ids!

    Now I can dress up the page : )

    [product_categories number="3" parent="0" ids="81,82,151"]

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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