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  • cozmin95


    Alright. So I must either be an absolute moron or this can’t be done in WordPress. At least not easy or without lots of money for plug ins.

    What I want is to make a website where people can come and make posts not needing a log-in (on a separate page preferably), leave a name if they want (and not have my name appear on every single one of them like it currently does) and then get a thank you message or something and send me the message for approval. After approval have the post show up on the main page where people can upvote it, w/o an account or anything. Is this so hard to ask?

    All the 5!!! plug-ins (out of the 60k or how many there are total) that are used for user-posts are free versions that do [watch your language, please], and require a million dollars for pro versions. Is there no free alternative to this? What about not having my name show up on every single entry added? What about adding a rating system?

    To make things even worse, I don’t know any coding. Since that’s how WordPress advertised. So I don’t have the money nor the skills to do this. I mean I could imitate and try to learn a thing or two if it wasn’t some next-level programmer stuff, but that’s about it.

    So I’m asking? Is there a way to do what I want? Is this even possible? W/o being rich or a programmer?

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