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    Please how do i add the transaction charges which will go to @paystack to the product price at checkout?

    I’ve seen the code on github but yet i don’t know how/where to place it and how to start showing the @paystack charges of 1.5%+100ngn and more

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  • Plugin Author Tunbosun Ayinla


    Presently it is not possible to add Paystack transaction charges to the order total in the Paystack WooCommerce plugin.

    Thread Starter ZaacWilliam


    Here is what i found on github

    class PaystackCharge{
    public $percentage;
    public $additional_charge;
    public $crossover_total;
    public $cap;
    public $charge_divider;
    public $crossover;
    public $flatline_plus_charge;
    public $flatline;
    public function __construct($percentage = 0.015, $additional_charge = 10000, $crossover_total = 250000, $cap = 200000){
    $this->percentage = $percentage;
    $this->additional_charge = $additional_charge;
    $this->crossover_total = $crossover_total;
    $this->cap = $cap;
    private function __setup(){
    $this->charge_divider = $this->__charge_divider();
    $this->crossover = $this->__crossover();
    $this->flatline_plus_charge = $this->__flatline_plus_charge();
    $this->flatline = $this->__flatline();
    private function __charge_divider(){
    return floatval(1 – $this->percentage);
    private function __crossover(){
    return ceil(($this->crossover_total * $this->charge_divider) – $this->additional_charge);
    private function __flatline_plus_charge(){
    return floor(($this->cap – $this->additional_charge) / $this->percentage);
    private function __flatline(){
    return $this->flatline_plus_charge – $this->cap;
    public function add_for_kobo($amountinkobo){
    if ($amountinkobo > $this->flatline)
    return $amountinkobo + $this->cap;
    elseif ($amountinkobo > $this->crossover)
    return ceil(($amountinkobo + $this->additional_charge) / $this->charge_divider);
    return ceil($amountinkobo / $this->charge_divider);
    public function add_for_ngn($amountinngn){
    return $this->add_for_kobo(ceil($amountinngn * 100)) / 100;

    But i don’t know where to use the mayb I’ll try using code snippet plugin if it be displaying changeprice for customers

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    Have found a plugin to do that!
    I searched woocomerce extra charges on Google working fine in adding the 1.5% to fees but the additional 100naira which is waived for payment about 2000 was not waived and it was added for all.

    Simply because I’m using woo wallet payments for my site so then i just needed paystack for funding wallet so i added the 1.5% to the plugin then i fixed my woo wallet payment payment charges to 100 naira and made my minimum amount to fund wallet 2500.

    I wrote this to help others show some love too!

    Thread Starter ZaacWilliam


    The booster plugin does it better.

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