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  1. dhanraj.rml
    Posted 2 years ago #

    http://www.bikepirate.de/musicum/ there you'll find in the middle "are you student" and "are you tutor" and below 3 points.I want to know how to setup/intgrate these 6 things into the wordpress template:

    1. search form (includind search within a certain zip-code and radius and search for one ore more subjects)
    2. sign up as a tutor or student
    3. log-in as a tutor (including the subjects you are teaching, the schedule to see whan lessons can be given and the area you are living and the price for one hour)
    4. login as a student (to contact tutor and buy one lesson in advance - money will transferred to tutor when lesson was rated by student as good)
    5. tutor review (tutor can be reviewed by each student after lesson was finished)
    6. payment api by paypal (student pay in advance and money will transferred to teacher when the student told the lesson was good)

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