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  • Hello!

    I’m developing new theme for wordpress and I wont it to have update option.
    But reading documentation I haven’t found any help in that question.

    Aldought I found few solutions, but they are working with small problem. When update they replace all files in themes dir, but I need to update 1 or 2 folders in theme.

    So, help me out finding documentation where i can read more about themes update.

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  • Thanks for some kind of answer, but could you be more precise ?

    becouse i have read almous all the text, written there, and still couldn’t find anithing abot update, even searching for keyword “update” gaved 1 mach, wich was totaly useful.

    If you want to update just a few files, you should use an ftp client. I do this when updating my theme. I look at the changelog and whatever files/folders have been updated, I just over those.

    yes, thats ok with me, if I am working with theme, but i wont to develop a theme that will use more than 1 person, let’s tell about 100 peoples, so going to each ftp and modifying each theme would be a lot of job to do. I tried some api (Original Plugin & Theme API by Kaspars Dambis) and the new theme overwrites the whole folder, deliting any files what was there.

    May be there is some way doing these, but only inside the themes folder ?

    for ex: in themes folder i’ll have page,singe atc. files and /functions/ folder that needs to be rewriten totaly. is it posible to do that ?

    Better would be if i could replace the files that i have in new themes zip, but if thats really inpossible than the seccond solution i think should work.

    By the way, how wordpress it self is updating ?? if i update wordpress then my themes and folders don’t delets!!

    maby is it posible to send all existing files in theme, exept functions folder to my server, then add them to folder, add modified functions folder, make zip from the folder where the old files and new functions folder is and then send that zip back to client that updates ?

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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