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  • Hey everyone. I do not see anywhere to edit the home page that customizr gives with the theme. I can edit the 3 featured images and links and add a slider but thats it.

    I was wondering if i could add text throughout the page and also maybe a couple widgets / independent images. But when i go to edit pages it does not show up. Can anyone help ?

    Also this site of mine will be for vacation rentals. And on the 3 featured images then description and then the button below it. But i wanted the button to be a link to a “book now credit card authorization website” but the featured image still take them to the page on the website to view more about the room. If i do not make any sense in this request that is fine do not worry about it lol just really need help with the editing of the customizr home page that doesn’t show up in the edit pages.

    Thank you for reading and hope someone can help me and sorry about my horrible grammar and probably am not making any sense haha

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  • You have to set a static page for your home to have a page there 😀
    About widgets it depends where do you want them. You can create widget areas and place: after the header before the slider, after the slider, after featured-pages, after page content …

    If i set a static page though it takes away the featured images descriptions and buttons and just creates a blank page. I want to keep that stuff but just add more stuff to the page like i said.

    It supposed to keep both.
    Slider | Featured Pages | Blog or Static Page content.
    That’s why I suggest it 🙂
    From the first link I gave you:

    Select what the type of content you want to display on your front page :

    – a static page : this will activate a dropdown list of your website pages. Select one in the list. It will be displayed below the slider and the featured pages if enabled. Note : on front page the page title is hidden.

    So select “Static Page” and then select one “Front Page” from the list. If you want some content there.
    And about having “other stuff”, as I said, you need to create widget areas, or just use the hooks to “print” whatever html you want..

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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