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    Just tried to add a calendar to my page (wasn’t in the default theme code), and it’s there in my sidebar, but it’s right up against the thing that comes before it. How do I add a little space between them?

    Also, if you know, is there a way to make the month and year on the calendar display as <h2> text? I want “June 2005” to be orange.

    Answers to either question greatly and warmly appreciated!

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    There you go 🙂

    I’ll watch your page for when you add that – just realised it may clash with your theme….

    That’s super cool, thank you. But, actually, I couldn’t find this anywhere in my code. Do I install everything, with the changes you’ve noted? I’m a moron, I know.

    No you aren’t – you just haven’t come across much CSS 🙂

    Copy it all, then paste it into the bottom of your css.
    Where I’ve noted is where what you want the changes – I’ll watch for any other untoward ones.

    Plugged it in, changed the margin-top, but that didn’t seem to do it. It’s still jammed up against the group above. It did make it orange though, if I little too big font-wise. I’m working on it.

    Getting better. I’m still messing with it. Thank you!

    I know I’m not supposed to post a new question here, but I noticed as I was drawing my cursor over the calendar dates that a little gray block of the background (behind the white page) shows up and stays for many of the numbers. Did you notice that problem, or have you ever seen it?


    In IE, it appears behind those days you have posted on.
    In FF, the same happens and those days are underlined.
    All normal though and the css can be changed for that if you wanted.

    The calendar css here:
    is … interesting .. and might help ?

    Cool! Thanks again.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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