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  • Hi there, im using this Dancefloor theme by Gorilla Themes, I want to add that big slideshow(6 images) that is in the middle of the homepage.
    see the demo here.
    How do i go about doing that, i’ve been trying to for 2 days.

    heres the demo:

    Please help

    PS: i’ve tried editing the index.php and uploaded pics etc but i dont know how to get it to show up like that. I can see that the javascript is in the js folder of the theme.


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    look into these plugins and see if any of them would work for you.

    Yea i did look at plugins, but like how would i apply it on to the homepage, that homepage isn’t showing on the “pages” tab. i tried editing its index.php and it did some things but not really the way i want it.

    Do you have any idea on how i could apply those slideshow gallery pro into that home page?

    heres the wordpress site



    I was wondering the same thing



    Anyone figure it out?


    On the dancefloor theme, go to appearance/editor and then select the ‘options.php’ file.

    In there you will see it says ‘auto false’ in the third option from the top. Change this to true and save.

    This should make the slideshow appear. You can then change the images by adding featured events.

    Hope this helps.


    Also, if you want your home page tab to link to the index file with the slideshow on, rather than a page called home, install this plugin…

    Page Links To

    It enables you to link a page to a url of your choice rather than the default permalink.




    any idea how to make the flickr gallery widget move slightly to the right on my site? If you look my thumbnails in the middle of the page are slightly off centered.



    nolimit966 can u tell me how did you added the slideshow from the center…? i have the same theme on my site but i tried alot of plugins but nothing worked … can you help me please ?



    I could use some help with working on the slideshow at the main screen, it does not work for me at all 🙁 any help is much appreciated!

    Could you please email me and give me your user name and password for gorilla themes forum, so that I can read the tutorials associated with dance floor theme? It would be a great help and I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough!!

    nolimit996 i see that you have also problem with ie9 not showing top menu. Have you try to solve that or anybody elese know how to solve that.

    I too have problem with ie9. Any ideas on how to fix it?

    Anyone have a solution on how to show featured post in the main content body as well? When I feature a post, I would like for it to show up on the homepage as well as the featured section.

    i have this problem and i can’t put slideshow in my web

    i fixed this issue . you can e-mail me at [email removed] for any questions. i will try to help best as i can. thanks

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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