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  • The posts page that you set in the reading settings is just the default post page that every single post (no matter what category) is added to.

    If you add posts to a specific category, then they will be shown on page for that category.

    For instance if you have a category of cars and assign some posts to it, (depending on your permalink settings), you will be able to view the posts by going to /category/cars

    If you want to display multiple categories on a single page and display the posts sorted into categories etc, you would need to create a custom template and use WP_Query:

    The problem is that wordpress themes like Pagelines Platform Pro provides with just one option to choose how your blog on your website will look like. So I want the blog and another page to have the same structure as the blog has. I want that second page to be a movie library where movies will be like posts.

    To illustrate my point.

    I created two pages. One for the blog and the second for movie library posts. However the posts are available only in the blog page which I specified in the reading settings and the movie library page becomes empty.

    Did you make a ‘movie library’ category? and this category (page) is empty?

    If you create a (blank) page and assign it as the default post page in the reading settings, then all the posts will appear here no matter what category they are in.

    If you want to have 2 separate posts pages, how about having a ‘blog’ category and a ‘movies’ category.

    When you view /category/blog/ you will see the blog posts and /category/movies ,you will see the movie posts…

    Just to make my point clear

    So I want blog and movie library page to be different pages and have different posts inside.

    1) Problem – I don’t see how I can assign movie library to grab just movie posts as there is no option to assign that category of posts to that page

    2) Problem – in the wordpress theme settings I can choose only one style of how my posts will look like. Either normal blog style or magazine. And I want movie library to have magazine style and blog to have normal blog style.

    Setup 2 categories – blog and movies.

    Go to appearance – menu. Add blog and movies categories to menu

    Create some posts and assign to the categories.

    Go to your front end and click on one of the menu items and you will see that clicking on movies will show you just movie posts…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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