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    Please suggest how to add same product to multiple ebay sites. I have added 2 accounts. Created 2 profiles 1 for each account.
    But not able to select 2 profiles for 1 product. Please help.

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    Hello @nrichsystems.

    Thanks for contacting us today.

    I am going to supply all instructions to list a product to multiple sites/accounts even though you have already completed much of what I am going to say.

    When you use our WP-Lister plugins, you have to make an account that connects to your eBay account. You will need to make an account for each site you want to connect to. So within the eBay plugin you would need an account for eBay (US) and another account for eBay (CA) etc. if you were listing to those 2 marketplaces. If you have 2 eBay stores, each store would need it’s own account. You can visit WP-Lister > Settings > Account, add a new account connect it to eBay, and request a token, the same way you did with the first account you created. Only this time, it will connect to another eBay account/site.

    Once you have multiple (more than 1) accounts, when you visit a listing profile, you will see on the right hand side, radio buttons to select different accounts. Each account connects to a different store/site. So you can use this account selection to connect the profile with a specific account/site. When you list products with that listing profile, it will list to whatever account you have selected in the listing profile. So you will need at least 1 listing profile for each eBay account. Each listing profile would have a different account selected under the “Account” section of the listing profile, and you would then list your items to eBay 2 times (once for each listing profile/account)

    So you would list the WC product to eBay with listing profile A (which should have the account selected in the “Accounts” section to list to the first marketplace).

    After that, you would go through the same process of selecting the listing on the products page of Woocommerce, select “List on eBay” in the bulk action drop down menu and click Apply. Then select the second listing profile that is connected to a different account/marketplace.

    You can list the WC product to every marketplace you have access to but you need a separate listing profile for each marketplace you wish to list to.

    Kind regards,



    Hi John

    Thanks for the quick reply! Using the bulk actions seems to work. Thanks for the detailed instructions and explaination!!

    Plugin Author WP Lab


    FYI: We added an article to our knowledge base about this just now:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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