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  • Greetings to You! 🙂

    On the sidebar of my website I added a text box widget called “Where and what” in which I let know people interested in me about where I am and what I am doing, and I update it almost daily. I would like to add RSS to this text box widget only so that such people can subscribe to it and automatically be notified via RSS each time I update it. I have no idea how to do it – please help me. How can I do this? Any ideas? Are there maybe other text box widgets with RSS functions already implemented that I can install replacing this one? I looked for plugins as well but couldn’t find anything.

    If it is relevant, currently I use the theme “Weaver II” (the free version). It might be also relevant to mention that I don’t have coding knowledge.

    I thank You in advance.

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  • You can manually add a link to your RSS feed address. It is

    <a title="RSS Feed for Claudio Adriano Dobre" href="">RSS Feed for Claudio Adriano Dobre</a>

    However, you might consider first going to WP admin > Settings > Permalinks and change it from Default to Post name. This will create human-readable, meaningful web addresses for all your pages and posts, based on the title of your page or post. Also, it will change your feed address to

    Here is a reference:

    Thank You Mikedev; but this feed url provided by You is for all the content of my website, isn’t it? I would like an RSS Feed url only for the content of that text-box specifically.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, the RSS address I gave was for all your posts. Here is one way to do what you want:

    Add a post category called “Where and what”. Instead of putting those updates in a text widget, create a blog post for each.

    Search the web for something like “wordpress plugin recent posts widget” and choose a plugin that will allow you to display a post in your sidebar based on category. Here’s an example:

    Replace your text widget with a recent posts widget and configure it to show the one latest post from the “Where and what” category.

    Then your feed address for that category would be (Replace “42” with your category ID. Find the category ID in the web address when editing that category name in WP admin) or if you change your permalinks Here’s a reference:

    Thank You very much Mikedev, your feedback is very useful – I did not know there was also this possibility.

    I just finished giving a try to this possibility and I concluded that it doesn’t satisfy my needs. Here is why and what: when I make it like suggested, the widget displays only the title of the post, not the content text, and it displays it as hyperlink, not as plain text; furthermore, it makes the post to be displayed as a bulleted list. This is not what I want – what I want is to have the layout as it is now and the RSS function for the text within only.

    To have the widget display the content of the post, try TW Recent Posts Widget ( In the widget settings, increase the “post excerpt length” to a high number and delete the “read more text”.

    You might need to experiment with a few different recent posts widgets until you find one with the features you want. WPSIREN Recent Posts By Category ( also displays excerpts.

    Probably every widget plugin will display the post title as a hyperlink.

    The list of post titles displays as a bulleted list because it is a list, and that’s the way your theme displays lists. Lists can be changed to display in any way by editing the CSS code.

    Another, more difficult, approach would be to find a plugin that creates custom post types, then find a widget that displays custom post types, then use a plugin like Custom Post Type RSS feeds ( to automatically create a feed for that custom post type.

    Yet another approach is to learn to write code or hire a website developer.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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