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  • Hi- i have looked everywhere on this forum and the search engines for a week and cant find the answer to this problem.

    I want to simply add a RSS feed URL from a sponsor (affiliate) site into my posts but cant figure out how. I have tried feedwordpress and wp-o-matic and neither are working very well for me so I thought maybe I would have more success just doing it by hand.

    Any suggestions? Seems so simple and yet I dont see any answers here on the forums or documentation so I’m stumped.


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  • whooami



    if you want to add the url to every post, then edit the_loop

    Its done basically the same way if you want to add something to every 3rd post, 4th post, posts within a particular category, etc.. You play with the_loop.

    See this, for example,

    I want the same thing, please if someone knows please answear.

    James Van Blaricum

    I’m sure someone else may come up with a better solution, but you might consider
    Carp Evolution by GeckoTribe – it’s not for the novice, but does a beautiful job of pulling external RSS feeds into your site. They have a WP Plugin as well.




    I want to simply add a RSS feed URL

    Are you trying to add a URL to a feed, or the content of the feed?

    whooami: I looked at the loop URL you gave. Looks pretty complex for something so simple as i want to do but thanks I’ll look it over.

    BTW- I am trying to add the content of my affiliates feed to the body of posts. Using feedwordpress it does pull the data from the feed and parse it into the category but does’nt make an actual “post” – I get a 404 error when clicking on the post link.

    TrishaM: Yes, I have tried carp as well. Does’nt work.

    BTW- maybe i did not explain clearly enough because what I want to do is so simple that maybe you were thinking I wanted to do something more complex. 🙂

    I simply want to know if it is possible to copy and paste my affiliate’s RSS feed URL e.g. into a post and have the feeds content show up as wp-o-matic etc does.

    It would seem that all I would have to do is wrap the RSS URL in some tags like [showrss}[endrss] to make it appear but i cant for the life of me find the answer anywhere here. There has to be a way to do it manually without using feedwordpress or wp-o-matic does’nt there?




    a link to a feed is different than the feed itself, which is why i asked for clarification.

    you cant just wrap in something in a tag, without there being something else that controls what that tag does, so saying that you ought to be able to .. makes no real sense.

    If you want to show the content of an RSS feed in a post, then you’ll need:

    1. A plugin to display the content of an RSS feed. For example:

    WP – RSS Import (Plugin)

    2. A plugin that allows you to run PHP in your posts so you can use the above plugin in your post. For example:

    That is exactly what the Carp plugin does. I believe you have to buy Carp (I did because I use it on several non-WP sites) but then you get the WP plugin…..

    But it looks like the plugin referenced by f1f may be a much better choice since it’s free 🙂 (or rather, donateware – always good karma to donate to developers when you use and like what they produce)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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