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  • How do I add “rel=nofollow” to specific links (but NOT all of them) in the blog roll to keep from passing page rank to the linked site? Whenever I try to type anything in the “rel” field on the link edit page (wp-admin/link.php?link_id=22&action=edit), some sort of form validation script backs out whatever I type in as soon as I type the first letter.

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  • Not possible to do this?

    Me three!

    I don’t know the answer I’m afraid but do have a question. Surely you only Blogroll people you respect and would like to do well. So why would you then stop them gaining any page rank from the link?

    Obscure, because some of us use the blogroll function for things other than a blogroll. You rename the cats and now you have different sections for use in giving links to others in an industry, or maybe a sponsored link cat, etc… the reason I am asking is one section on one of my blogs is entitled “The Sh*tlist”, and it lists people and companies you should stay far, far away from. Obviously, I do not want to be giving PR to people who I am encouraging others to stay away from.

    It would be really nice if someone could make a plugin that would enable webmasters to see and edit the anchor tag (“a href”) in the blogroll/bookmarks area of wordpress. Or may be an option to add, edit extra attributes to the anchor tag.

    I made a simple plugin that adds nofollow to all blogroll links, download it here wordpress blogroll nofollow

    for one.. the abilty to add nofollow to links in your blogroll already exists.

    It has for some time: Its right there where it says rel:

    whooami: You would think so… but no. I’m pretty sure that the rel field only allows the XFN stuffs.

    whooami you’re wrong, you can’t add nofollow links using the XFN stuff.

    No, I am not wrong. You type nofollow into the box.

    Furthermore, JUST to make it more obvious in 2.5 they actually provided a link in the default blogroll that is already set that way — seemingly because ppl couldnt figure out something so simple.




    In 2.3.3 it doesn’t let you type anything in that filed. At least not on my install. The “rel” field is populated only by the values of XFN when clicking/checking any of the boxes/buttons below.

    I JUST did this on a 2.3.3 install.

    Oddly enough, on another 2.3.3 install I can see where it will not allow you type. Thats a bug, not a feature.

    Strange… whatever I’d try to type in that field – it is as if a ghost pushing the cursor back (like Backspace) and deleting my typing 🙂

    I can see why that that would happen

    Inside edit-link.php

    <td width="80%"><input type="text" name="link_rel" id="link_rel" size="50" value="<?php echo $link->link_rel; ?>" /></td>

    But im looking at that 2.3.3 install with that exact code, and thats the one I just typed into 😛

    I have a hard time believing I am the single WP user with this magnificent ability 🙂

    Just tested it myself. Doesn’t work in either FF or IE. Typing into the rel field causes it to delete my characters as I type them. 2.3.3. Clearly some javascript preventing me from inputting text there.

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