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  • Resolved Sayful Islam



    After trying about two hours to add Radio Buttons, I felt how difficult to add a radio button and still I am not succeed to add a radio button with two options Yes and No.
    No good documentation about this and user interface is not user friendly in my view.

    I found a documentation page here but not complete.

    Can anyone help me to create radio buttons.

    Sayful Islam

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  • crabsandwich


    Hi, i had the same problem, but i have figured it out after reading through the documentation on that link.

    So, to create different option for the radio button you need to:
    (sorry no images)

    1. Create a field by clicking on + Add new field and give it a name</>
    2. Set the chose type column to Radio Buttons.
    3. Click on the three Blue lines at the top of the column to the left
    4. The section will load a new table and you will notice that the far right column header is red (to indicate which section you are in)
    5. You will notice that the word toggler appears a lot! if you just ignore the word toggler each column actually is a list of options related to the field – Options | Swapper | Time | Date | Hidden | More (If the developer is reading this could you delete the word toggler)
    6. The rows are relative to the fields you have created on the first screen. e.g. row 1 will be whatever field is in row one and so on
    7. Click the three blue lines above the options column
    8. Enter the options you wish seperated by two pipes || so in your case you would enter ‘Yes||No’ without the quote marks.

    I agree that the documentation is lacking, which is surprising for a plugin that has been about for so long. However as we are aware, it has been taken over by a new developer who appears to be trying to put things right.

    Personally given the functionality that it provides i think that it is doing a good job. It has to hook in and then add and remove fields coupled with with a lot of functionality and then on top of that it there is a drag and drop UI which although a little clunky does work with a little patience.




    I forgot to say to return to the original screen, click on the red lines each time!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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