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  • Hi,

    I’m a bit new to this so I hope is this is the right place for this, so I apologize in advance if it’s not.

    I’ve copied and modified code I found to programmatically add page(s) to my site via my new function. This works fine and each time I run the function I get my new page created and shows up in my menu tabs and I can click on it and see my new content.

    But what I need some help with now, is I’m using WPtouch (Version 1.9.7)to manage my Mobile theme and would like my new page to also show up in those menus automatically too. I can go into the WPtouch settings screen and click on my newly created page and have it display then, but would like to have my ‘pageadd’ function do it when I build the page.

    I guess what I’m really asking is does anyone know how or what table / field etc that WPtouch uses from the DB to know which pages it is displaying within its pull down menus. Doesn’t seem like should be too hard to do, I’m just not seeing how it knows.

    Can anyone help me out with this??? Thanks

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    The free version of WPtouch is not customizable beyond what’s available in its admin panel. WPtouch Pro will allow you to add custom functions via its child theme feature. WPtouch Pro also ties into the native WordPress menu system so, in theory, your custom function should perform as expected.

    If you want to give WPtouch Pro a try, there’s a 7-day trial period during which you have full access to support and documentation to help you set up your desktop theme’s advanced functionality in your mobile theme. You may request a refund at any time within the trial period if you are not happy.

    Great thanks for the advice. I will give that a try. But I’m still a bit curious, what tables or fields within the WordPress tables (and DB) does WPtouch store my local settings and info etc. For instance when I “tag” (select) a page for display on my menus, where is that stored??

    You may have figured this out already, but I just came across your post and thought I would weigh. You’re most likely looking for a single entry in your wp_options table that contains an array of the WPTouch settings. In my installation, the option name is bnc_iphone_pages. It’s just a long string of field names and values, so obviously be very super careful making any changes to this because one misplaced character, and your plugin is likely to break.

    Thank you for that!….Key was different than I expected so just couldn’t seem to be finding it. Many thanks!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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