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  • Can someone help me to achieve what I want? I want to add a banner to my news portal that will be the background of the the whole web site, and it would be clickable. Now it is set with three divs with fixed width and float: left (1. the left side of the banner, 2. the main content, 3. the right side of the banner) and all of them are in one main div with the total width so it can be aligned center with margin: 0 auto.

    How can I achieve this differently? the problem is with the standard notebooks 15.4″, there is a horizontal scroll and they have to scroll left on every page to read the content.

    This is my web site.

    This is another website, I thinks it’s Drupal, and they have the same kind of banner, just their banner is automaticaly resizing if the screen is smaller. Try resizing the window and you will see the difference. kajgana[dot]com/blackberry-10-kje-zazhivee-od-30-januari

    How can I do the same, if the screen is let’s say 1160px wide, only the main content 960px + 100px of the left banner and 100px of the right banner to be visible and the page to be centered? If it’s lets’ say 1060px, only 50px of the sides of the baner to be visible etc.

    Any help is appreciated

    Kind regards

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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