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    Hiya, I’ve search for this everywhere and can’t find the answer – can someone please help.

    I want to have a static front page as my home page, however I would also like some post excerpts to the static front page too – like featured post headlines.

    I think I understand how to do this however can’t work out how to only apply this to the just the front page and leave it out of any other pages I have on the site. I have about 6 pages with about us and contact info on them so I wouldn’t want these pages to have featured posts on them

    Really hope someone can help

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  • Hi,

    You could make a template that contains the excerpt code. Then make a new page that uses this template rather than the default one. That page can then be set to be the front page.

    There is information about pages and templates here

    And information about using the excerpt

    Good advice from kwbridge.

    An example that uses category filter with query post and displays the_content instead of the_excerpt (see kwbridge’s link above for info on the_excerpt):

    This might help you with the static page thing:
    How can I have a static front page and posts display on a page called Blog?

    hi guys thanks for your feedback I have managed to create a page with post content at the bottom of the page with the featured posts category. However what I’m trying to work out it how to get the featured posts at the top of the page and the welcome text at the bottom. If I switch the loop bits it just calls more posts instead of the welcome text. I need a way of calling the page id for the welcome page after I have included the featured post excerpts. ?????

    Any ideas – thanks again for your feedback

    Stop the clock!!!

    Bingo it works.

    Just in case anyone looks at this and wonders how it is done it is quite east – even for a non programmer like me. The trick is to work with one loop at once and ensure the loop is complete each time. (I’m right guys aren’t I)

    In terms of calling a specific page I didn’t understand that you had to still use the same bit of code used for pulling posts. So to pull in a specific page you would use the following <?php query_posts(‘page_id=2’); ?> replacing the page id with the one you want to use

    Thanks guys for all your help

    Thanks guys for all your help

    Thank you volunteers would be more accurate 😉

    So sorry – thank you volunteers for all your help and advice you are all STARS!



    I’m trying to achieve the same result – to add recent posts to the bottom of my ‘static’ wordpress homepage.

    I’ve created a separate template for the homepage and got all that working. I (optimistically) cut and pasted code from index.php under the code that displays the page content but am seeing nothing outputted.

    Despite reading quite a lot about wordpress and the loop over the last few days, I suspect that I’m failing to understand something fundamental about the loop – or maybe there is something simple I’m leaving out?

    Any help would be appreciated.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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