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  • Resolved taobo


    How to add php code in post after creating a snippet?

    The shortcode is [php snippet=1]

    And I indeed add <?php before php code

    But I don’t know how to insert it into post.

    I have tried [php], [php snippet=1], [php][/php], and [php snippet=1][/php]. But none of them works.

    Please help!

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  • Plugin Author Jamie


    Hi Taobo,

    If you see the shortcode outputted instead of the php code, it is likely the location does not support shortcodes in your theme. do other shortcodes work in the same location?

    All shortcodes do not work in the same location.
    Thank you for your nice reply! 🙂

    Plugin Author Jamie


    Hi Taobo,

    all you need to do is enable shortcodes in the theme location.

    Take a look at this for more info:


    Vinicius Roggerio da Rocha


    I’m using SyntaxHighlighter too, and its shortcodes are working fine. But the shortcodes [php snippet=1][/php] don’t (simply doesn’t appear, even a echo “Hello World”). There’s a conflict between these plugins? How to solve this?

    Plugin Author Jamie


    it is possible for it to conflict if the syntax highlighter uses the [php] shortcode too.

    At this time there is not an alternative shortcode for use, however in the future there may be an option for using an alternative shortcode, should there be sufficient demand 🙂


    i put a paypal button form <form action="" method="post">....</form> in the ‘Save code’ section of the plugin and pasted the shortcode to a WP page. On viewing the page is blank (no button).

    am I using the right plugin?
    if so, how to fix
    the goal is to have this paypal button form connect to my idevaffiliate software to keep track of affiliate purchases.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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