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  • One idea is adding a tabs plugin (e.g. So, if you have a top ten list, you would have ten tabs.

    Thanks for the idea, but is there anyway I could do it EXACTLY like that? I’m just wondering what they would’ve used to create tha

    Certainly, you’ll end up creating quite a few pages/posts, but if that isn’t a problem, then try copying the following in your page number one’s text editor.

    <p style="text-align: center;"><b><b><big><span style="color: #ff0000;">Pages:</span></big></b></b> <strong><a href="NUMBER ONE PAGE/POST URL HERE"><span style="color: #ff0000;">1</span></a>, <a href="NUMBER TWO PAGE/POST URL HERE">2</span></a>, <a href="NUMBER THREE PAGE/POST URL HERE">3</span></a>, <a href="NUMBER FOUR PAGE/POST URL HERE">4</span></a>, <a href="NUMBER FIVE PAGE/POST URL HERE">5</span></a>, <a href="NUMBER SIX PAGE/POST URL HERE">6</span></a>, <a href="NUMBER SEVEN PAGE/POST URL HERE">7</span></a>, <a href="NUMBER EIGHT PAGE/POST URL HERE">8</span></a>, <a href="NUMBER NINE PAGE/POST URL HERE">9</span></a>, <a href="NUMBER TEN PAGE/POST URL HERE">10</span></a></strong></p>

    The only difference in this HTML from page to page will be the red number.

    Where would I copy that too? And also I have my site set up so it only uses categories and posts, not pages. So is there a way to do that without using any pages? Thanks so much for the help

    No problem, you can paste that into any post. Just remember to have the text editor selected rather than the visual editor and replace the Capitalized areas with URLS to each post. E.g. for Number 10, you create a post with the URL

    Here’s what you would place in the code:
    <a href="">10</span></a></strong></p>

    Thanks so much for your help!

    And then would I create 10 posts for a top 10 list? Or just put all 10 into one post? Also when I click on the 10 from the post it gives me a 404 not found error, am I doing something wrong? Sorry to keep asking so many questions but I’m completely clueless…

    Oh sorry, I just realized I have to change the URL’s of all the posts… my bad

    Okay so it looks like I have to create 10 seperate posts to do all of this, is there anyway I oculd do this with just one post? Sorry for so many responses!

    No worries. The example you gave just uses many different pages/posts. The problem with adding a ton of pages/posts is why my initial thought was to use tabs.

    Tabs are great for this job, but you would have to know how to make CSS changes to get them to look the way they do in your example. Since this option would entail a lot of effort, I would stick to the first option and just try your best to organize the posts by categories 🙂

    Okay thanks for the help!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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