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  • Well I’ve looked this up on google but my results aren’t coming out right all so hopefully someone on here can help me…

    I have content I would like to add to my WP that I would like NOT to be made with wordpress pages. I just want the theme. I know that I’m supposed to use some php tag that involves my absolute path but do I also include all the directories that lead to the file? Like this:


    I doubt that’s right, though. If anyone can help me, please explain it as best as you can because this is all kind of confusing to me.

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  • Naaah. Wp and the good folks behind it are kinder than you think. To get to your template’s root (ie “virtual” site root), just copy this before your file or directory name in the anchor link:
    <?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’);?>

    Check the header.php and the link to style.css in use on the default theme.

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