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  • Hello. In addition to the existing subscription option I would like to add the ability to subscribe to the blog and receive notifications of new blog posts. I have seen this feature on several other sites.

    Thus, the current option plus the requested option would appear like this:

    X Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

    X Notify me of new posts via email.

    Is there any shortcode that I could use to achieve this, or would this have to be a new feature in a future update?

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Reedyseth


    Hello @mranson thank you for your interest in making this plugin better.

    This is a new fetaure that could be added to the plugin. Right now we are working in the plugin to have all the issues and bugs fixed. But after finishing our upgrades we can take notice of your suggestion.

    You can open a Feature Request here so that we can follow it up.

    Regards !!

    Hello. Could you tell me how to open a feature request? Is there some specific way of tagging the post?

    Plugin Author Reedyseth


    Yes @mranson just go to the link above, fill the form and submit it.

    My apologies for another stupid question (I am more of a user than a coder) but I am receiving a number of emails from this plugin and wish to unsubscribe. However, I have logged in and examined each page and cannot see any such option. Perhaps it is not prominently displayed, or I do not know where to look.

    Can you direct me to the relevant page?

    Plugin Author Reedyseth


    This is an issue that is fixed, but it will be available on the next version witch we deploy this week, just wait for the wordpress to notify you.

    Issue reported here: @raam is a contributor on the StCR plugin development and fixed this bug.

    Regards !!

    Plugin Author Reedyseth


    Hello @MRansonthe version 140128 is now available with new fixes and upgrades. Please update to this newer version and make sure you issue is resolved, otherwise you can open a bug ticket here:

    Regards !!

    Hello. My original message was a feature request which would permit the user to subscribe to the entire blog, not just the individual blog post.

    I see that there is an option for ‘Advanced subscription’ and that this creates a drop-down list under the comment form with the following:
    – don’t subscribe
    – all
    – replies to my comments

    Question 1:
    Can you clarify what the last two options do? Does the ‘all’ option subscribe the user to the entire blog, as originally requested?

    Question 2:
    Can I modify this list with my own text, i.e. can I rename these options, such as changing ‘all’ to ‘subscribe to all’ or ‘notify me of new posts’?

    Question 3:
    Why was a drop-down list chosen instead of tick box?

    Thank you

    Plugin Author Reedyseth



    1) This options set how the user will be notify. The ‘All’ option will send the user an email every time a new reply to the ‘Post’ is posted, the option ‘Replies to my comments’ will only notify you of future comments to your answers. You are only subscribe to the Post and not the blog.

    2) You cannot modify this text on the plugin options, if you would like to have different text you will have to go to the code directly. If you have updated the plugin to the latest version you can go to the file and edit this lines since this is not a current option:

    $checkbox_field = "<select name='subscribe-reloaded' id='subscribe-reloaded'>
    									<option value='none'" . ( ( get_option( 'subscribe_reloaded_default_subscription_type' ) === '0' ) ? "selected='selected'" : '' ) . ">" . __( "Don't subscribe", 'subscribe-reloaded' ) . "</option>
    									<option value='yes'" . ( ( get_option( 'subscribe_reloaded_default_subscription_type' ) === '1' ) ? "selected='selected'" : '' ) . ">" . __( "All", 'subscribe-reloaded' ) . "</option>
    									<option value='replies'" . ( ( get_option( 'subscribe_reloaded_default_subscription_type' ) === '2' ) ? "selected='selected'" : '' ) . ">" . __( "Replies to my comments", 'subscribe-reloaded' ) . "</option>

    3) If you enable Advance subscription you get the dropdown list, otherwise you get a checkbox.

    Reedyseth, thank you for the thorough explanation.

    I’ve decided to disable advanced subscriptions because I am concerned about the user-friendliness of the subscription and subscription management features. For the benefit of less technical website users (and to attract more subscribers without putting them off with too many options) I think the check boxes are a better solution.

    Thus, I would prefer to wait for an upgrade that includes my original feature request of a check box that can subscribe the user to the entire blog. Can you tell me if this is likely to be developed?

    Thank you

    MRanson, I echo your request. The drop-down options are too confusing for most users. I’d simply like to see the ability to specify what it is that the checkbox has checked by default, because I want it to be “replies only”. They already have the option to subscribe without commenting, so I want the default to be that they are subscribing to replies only. Meanwhile, I’m trying to edit the lines of the plugin like listed here:

    Gretchen, MRanson,

    Thank you very much for your feedback. v140204 includes a new feature that allows you to specify the default subscription type when using the checkbox instead of the Advanced Subscription options (drop-down menu):

    New Feature. There is a new Option that Sets the default Subscription Type when the Chechbox ‘Checked by default’ is enable Settings -> Subscribe to Comments -> Comment Form -> Default Checkbox Value.

    See also:

    Regarding the checkbox to subscribe the user to the entire blog: Could you please open a new feature request here so that this can be tracked and we can consider adding it in a future version? New Feature Request

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