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  • My sidebar has a Pages section which I want to split to accomodate specialist pages from the normal ones like ‘About’.

    How do I create a new category and get it called by sidebar? I am not a coder or a techie so will need handholding and patience here!!


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  • One question at a time 🙂
    Pages have nothing to do with categories.
    If you want to have 2 Pages list – use the template tag twice with the proper exclude parameters.

    As for categories: go admin > Manage > Categories > Add new
    (or in the Write Post subpanel click on the + next to the Categories on the right, and you’ll have a field to add new categories)

    What if I’m trying to add new category and nothing happend ? No communicate, no anything at all.

    Cheers – Matt.

    i want to add category on side bar.
    so i go admin > Manage > Categories > Add new
    but on categry side bar was not shown.
    can you help me….?

    So I am not the only one who can’t add categories for the time being… Hello, anybody out there who can help? Thanks a lot, Heide

    Please to solve this problem… Is this only about theme in used? or with another theme can do it?

    I find that I have the exact same problem… bummer that it looks like it’s still not resolved.

    Same here, I have edited the 2 categorys you get when you first start using the blog and they dont even show up on the category bar at the side.

    i believe you need to to drag the category widget into your sidebar for them to show up, then you should see them?

    1) Is there a limit to the # of categories that can be listed in the sidebar?
    2) I’ve successfully added categories andsub-categories in the sidebar, and they show up in the category list when WRITING a post, but do not show on the Blog page. What am I doing wrong?

    In most themes EMPTY categories are not listed in the sidebar – because it wouldn’t make sense: clicking on it would take you to a 404 not found.

    Thanks for the reply, and it makes sense, however, I created a new parent category, and moved several existing categories with posts to become sub-categories under the new parent category… and when that is done, neither the parent nor the newly moved sub-categories appear.
    Also, is there a limit on the number of categories and/or sub-categories?

    I don’t know of a limit… and I have seen crazy people with hundreds of categories (which defies the whole idea of categorizing things; LOL)
    but moving around cats and posts – might cause temporary issues.
    [To be honest, never tried to re-arrange my category structure, so I don’t have a definite answer]

    When I try to create a new category it gives me an error and says I don’t have permission. I am the administrator and on all my blogs, which is three, I have never been able to create a new category. Does anyone have any ideas.

    I’ve got this problem too. I’ve got a blog with a whole bunch of categories already, but am unable to add any new ones now. Has anyone found a fix for this?

    edit: Found the “disable javascript” fix over here

    I have created 3 categories on the side bar and have one post each.
    When i am on the home page I can see the 3 categories listed on the side bar but if i click on say one of the cateogories nothing happens, it does not open up the post.

    2. I have 4 main tabs on the top 1. Home 2. Page2 3. Categories 4. Google. These were already available as default with the Theme (I am using Superadsense wordpress theme). When I log in to my site it shows up in “Home”.
    Here all my three post are visible. When I click on “Page2” a 4o4 error shows up. When I click on “Categories” a 404 error shows up.
    Which of my setting is wrong?
    Please help

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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