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  • Hello I had extracted my theme to my wordpress from bluehost but I still couldn’t see my theme available to install?

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  • First check there isnt another subfolder in your new theme – sometimes when you manually extract an item it can go themename > themename > themefiles instead of themename>themefiles.

    If you downloaded one throught wordpress, uninstall the theme and try again.

    I downloaded from other sites. I did not see the existence of my theme, so there’s no way to uninstall it the fact that it hasn’t been installed it successfully previously.

    What I uploaded was a zip folder, is that alright? Inside that zip, it has a single folder all wrapped in those little bits with its theme name, then inside that folder, it has all those php files and several folders regarding the css, admin, licence…etc.



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    No – unpack the archive and upload just the theme’s folder to wp-content/themes.

    The theme’s folder which includes all those php files? But it won’t let me to upload folder format?

    oh wait I think I had uploaded the folder but I do not know how I did that…anyway do I just export it to theme directory?

    Uploaded it in folder format here: public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes
    Going back to dashboard>appearence>theme, I couldn’t see my theme??



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    You have a site?

    Yes, I had a site before and changed it to a .com site with mapping without the word wordpress, so it becomes a self hosted site.



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    No – it doesn’t become self-hosted. It’s still hosted at which means that you cannot upload any themes.

    But I have bluehost, and that means it becomes self hosted.

    And I did that through cPanel, is that right? And how can I see my theme, I could not see any.



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    the site linked with your user name here in the forum is definitively a hosted site;

    if you are referring to a different site, please post a link.
    have you installed the files to your bluehost server and set-up the site?
    can you acccess the default themes Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven?

    I made a one click easy installation with Blue Host, but I do not know the rest of how it works.

    My site:

    Can I reach to a dashboard through Blue Host since’s dashboard aren’t working to me with dozen times of testings.

    I can see those folders Twenty…etc. in my theme directory through cpanel, though still couldn’t make mine works.

    How can I access WordPress.ORG dashboard>appearance>theme through blue host? I think this is the reason I couldn’t see it because I was in .COM.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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