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  • I’ve moved my website from a hosting provider to another and now I can not connect my new mysql database to the old tables from the old mysql database. Did you have any idea how can I do this ?

    When I’m trying to get on my website, there appears an error.. You can see it here :

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  • esmi


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    Have you fixed it?, cause your website is working well

    For the moment I’ve didn’t fixed it.In my browser appears like an error.Could be just my chache memory ?

    The error you are getting is one thing, and the databases connectivity is another.
    For the error, we need to:
    Try to reproduce the error from your end.
    Tell me the steps that you perform to produce it.
    Is it a front-end error for visitors? then send me the link that’s broken or
    a back-end error for you as an admin?

    Before I can give you an guidance, we have to configure what is wrong.
    Its easy to give you a wrong prescription.

    For the database connectivity error:
    There is no database connectivity error because if the wp-config file parameters are wrong, neither the backend or the front end would be available.
    if you have created a new wordpress installation from your cpanel using fantastico or other deployers, and then tried to import the old database, so in this case, I think you are referring to broken posts attachments like images, thumbs , music , .etc.

    So, which of these is your problem, and if both, then they are two, that should be solved independently.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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