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  • Hello WP forums

    I am a newbie and am wondering is it possible for me to have multiple pages that are able to allow me to have POSTS, and not just 1 main page with posts with all the others being static.

    For example: If I wanted to make a blog about my two favorite basketball teams, I would like to have one page where I can post about the lakers and the other page allowing me to post about the celtics.

    (something like that)

    Is it feasible for me to do this without having expert php knowledge? thank you advance!

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  • You could do this yes.

    The easiest way is to create two categories, one for each team. Then you’ll either link them off the main page so that it takes you to those categories, one or the other.. OR you modify your main page so it only shows one with the link to the other..etc..

    Yes this is doable.

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