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    Your plugin is excellent! We are testing the most recent version with its IPTC/EXIF import features with the goal of creating a stock photo site built on WordPress, and so far it is working well. Your plugin not only enables core keywording functionality, but is a huge timesaver now that tags/keywords can be imported from the IPTC metadata of images.

    What is the most feasible way for us to configure additional custom fields to the “Edit Media” screens within the Assistant so that they’re accessible to all uploaded media items? For example, we’d like to configure a “Model Release” field (or series of fields) attached to each photo. Ideally we’d like to configure custom fields that are a bit more complex than Name/Value pairs — for example “Model Release” might have values of Yes, No, Not applicable, and a short ‘notes’ field. Currently we’d have to configure a custom field(s) for each media item individually.

    We’re a bit reluctant to dive in too deeply with customization of the plugin because we’re not 100% sure how these customizations will be affected by future updates of your plugin or of WordPress itself.

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  • redrocksrover2


    Apologies- I was premature in my post. I see that MLA supports custom taxonomies within the media editing screens. Perfect.

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for using the plugin and for the kind words.

    I’m happy that the taxonomy support gives you what you need – let me know if you find any problems using it. You can use the “Attachment Categories” and “Attachment Tags” taxonomies or register your own custom taxonomies and use the Settings page to support them in MLA.

    You can also use the field-specific substitution parameters to add taxonomy terms to image galleries you define with [mla_gallery].

    The next plugin release will have some additional support for custom fields as well. Stay tuned, and thanks again for using the plugin.



    We’re revisiting whether custom taxonomies will provide the functionality we need.

    I’m wondering if usage of an additional plugin like Developer’s Custom Fields that simplifies the configuration of custom fields for post types (in our case ‘attachment’ post types) will conflict with MLA, or prevent us from exposing custom fields created with Developer’s Custom Fields on either the MLA assistant pages or via the gallery shortcode features?

    Or is it better that we wait for an update to MLA and any forthcoming custom fields support you might plan to include?

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    I haven’t tested the plugin with Developer’s Custom Fields, but I do use Custom Field Template on one of my sites and it works fine. The fields I define with Custom Field Template show up on the Edit Media screen and on the ITPC/EXIF tab of the MLA Settings page.

    You can use any plugin you like to set up and manage custom fields and add field values to your attachments. Once that’s done, you can access the fields in an [mla_gallery] shortcode using the field-level markup substitution parameters, e.g., [+custom:Model Release+].

    The next Media Library Assistant release will have more support for automatically populating custom fields from attachment metadata such as file size and the “orphan” status.

    Let me know of you have any problems or questions. Thanks for your question and for using the plugin.

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