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    It seems that you are talking about capacity booking… I am sorry but currently the plugin accepts one appointment per slot…

    i try to configure the plugin and now it can accept more appointment per slot but still i cant control the population im trying if there’s something i can do…. im using the plugin for my thesis in school in my testing i found 1 bug and possibilities issue.

    thanks 😀

    Plugin Author a.ankit


    Great to see that you got it working 🙂

    What bug did you encounter?


    my teacher ask me to put all time slot inside the <option> and i did it correctly submitting the time request is successfully working but when i make another appointment a fatal error appear inside the <div> of time slot it says “FATAL ERROR not enough memory space in appointment-calendar-shortcode.php line 837” and when i undo everything back to original the error is going back again.

    ~ the 60 minute time slot in calendar settings is not working only 30 minutes.

    -Not bug im just concern-
    ~ Im worry about the appointment approval process because after making an appointment the schedule will automatically appear in the calendar. Im expecting that should not automatically appear since there is an approval from admin. What im worry is what if someone make fun of other website they flood the calendar by making more appointment.

    thats all nothing more 🙂

    Thanks 😀

    How did you get it to work so that you can have more than 1 appointment per time slot?

    first open your appointment-calendar-shortcode.php somewhere in line 2221 look for this code

    $DisableSlotsTimes = array_merge(/*$AppBetweenTimes, $AppPreviousTimes, $AppNextTimes, $EventPreviousTimes,*/ $EventBetweenTimes);

    use the code i post and replace your previous. If you notice I remove or comment the four variables I only left the $EventBetweenTimes because I only allow the dayoff to prevent making appointment. This unlimited appointment will work in your front end. But your admin area still has a limit of 1 appointment to make your admin appointment unlimited you need to do the same thing just browse all the php file inside the menu-pages folder once you found the file holding same code i post just replace it. But if you’re not gonna use the admin appointment its still ok it will appear more appointment in the list but you cannot make another appointment since it was used.

    is there any way not to overlap the time that client have book? eg: client A book today at 10 am and next client want to book same date and time. if can disable that time would be better

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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