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  • Hello there,

    I really hope someone can help me with this.

    This is my site’s test blog:

    If you see under latest news there are multiple posts. What I want is that the summary there appears as a meta tag of keywords and appears on the single post after a description of the post. The description (meta tag of description) would be a short sentence. Font size of the summary of the post on homepage view is 12px, but the default font size in single post is 11px. I want that the description in the single post is bold and 12px.

    To not get confused, I made a preview shot:

    I’m actually refering to this site’s article(that’s what i want):
    by viewing the page’s source you can see what is the description and what are keywords.

    I have read the tutorials and articles about meta tags for wordpress here on, but I couldn’t get it working as I didn’t quite understood it. Very confusing.

    Would really appreciate any of your help,

    thank you

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