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  • Hi,

    A really simple question: how can I put meta tags to pages?

    I have all-in-one SEO plugin which works well for posts, but what about pages? How to put a meta keywords for example?


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  • All in One SEO works with pages also. Check beneath the editing space. You will find the section for All in One

    I don’t see it. When I edit a page, there is no place to put the meta.

    For articles, it is easy: meta keywords are tags, but there are no tags for pages… Am I missing something?

    Meta-tags are something completely different than what WordPress calls tags. A meta tag is a line of code in the header of a web page file that is a directive to the web browser. They are not seen on your webpage.

    Here is a random page I found using Google that explains what meta-tags are

    Tags in WP are ways of assigning classifications to a post. Pages in WP do not have tags or categories – those are assigned to posts. However pages can have parents and children, creating a hierarchy.

    Pages in WP CAN have meta-tags, and you can assign them through All in One SEO. One common use of metatags is to assign “key words” to a web page, and a description to the overall webpage.

    @stvwlf: Thanks for the information.. But I am still not sure how to do the trick. I simply want to have different meta information in header depending of the page displayed. How can I do this if WP pages do not have tags?

    You say that I can assign meta-tags to pages with A-I-O plugin, but I don’t see where I can do this.

    @baal666: Unfortunately, we can’t post images in comments, but try adding a new page and then scroll down to the bottom of the Add New Page entry screen. You should see a grey band with the title “All in One SEO Pack”. Click on it to expand it and you should see a box with fields for: Title. Description, Keywords and a checkbox for “Disable on this post/page”.

    If you are looking at editing a previously published page, you should see the “All in One SEO Pack” bar after the Page Revisions section.

    By filling in the Title, Description and keywords fields in the All In One SEO Pack section and saving the changes, you page should have the appropriate meta headers when you View Source while looking at the page in your browser.

    I hope this helps!

    OMG I feel bad… I didn’t see that little grey bar at the bottom of the page. It seems all I have to do is add the correct meta information there. Thanks a lot nellcooper! 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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