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    Does anyone know how to add custom meta field in Categories ? Like, When I make a new category, there should be 2 additional fields

    – Icon , where we add url of icon image of that category.
    – Check Box to set that particular category “POPULAR”

    See the screenshot of the functionality I have asked help for.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I think you’ll need to create a new table. Custom fields are for posts only.

    Thanks Joseph, yes it will be playing with tables. Any more specific solutions with codes ?

    Functionality achieved from this plugin is what I am looking for. But, this plugin just have text,text-area and image as the additional meta fields. I need check box as well and a way to fetch the meta values in the loop.


    You can hack that plugin to include checkbox.

    Find the following in /views/options.php

    <option value="text"><?php _e('Text','wp-category-meta'); ?></option>
    <option value="textarea"><?php _e('Text Area','wp-category-meta'); ?></option>
    <option value="image"><?php _e('Image','wp-category-meta'); ?></option>

    and add

    <option value="checkbox"><?php _e('Check Box','wp-category-meta'); ?></option>

    Insert the following after line 578 in wp-category-meta.php

    <?php } elseif($inputType == 'checkbox') { ?>
    	<th scope="row" valign="top"><label for="category_nicename"><?php echo $inputName;?></label></th>
    	<td><input value="checked" type="checkbox" <?php echo $inputValue ? 'checked="checked" ' : ''; ?>
    		name="<?php echo 'wptm_'.$inputName;?>" /><br />
    		<?php _e('This additionnal data is attached to the current term', 'wp-category-meta');?></td>

    The checked category will have a meta_value of “checked”

    Big thanks! This was exactly what I have been looking for!

    Thanks a lot Joseph.

    @joseph @jocken But, is the plugin working in WordPress 3.0.1 ?? I can’t see it working in 3.0.1, any lucks for you guys ?

    I’ve tested it on 3.0.1 and it works. However, there is one minor problem with the plugin itself. The list doesn’t refresh automatically when a new category is created. Everything else seems fine.

    Oh ! Can you copy here the function you used to display the meta info here ?? Is it the same that as they described in the plugin page ? I’m having some hard luck !

    Yep, I used get_terms_meta and get_all_terms_meta.

    Note that the functions return a numeric and 2D array respectively.

    Thanks I will try it again.

    The thing is I need to fetch all categories, style certain category a bit different. So I’m trying to put the “certain” categories with a meta value so tht I can style them differently. Can you help getting me the right code ?

    Just to clarify before I help you with the code. You want a list of all categories and have different styling for ones with the popular meta?

    Exactly !

    I need to be able to change the popular categories often. Thats why thought of this plugin. Thanks for your help, Joseph.

    A couple of things I forgot to ask. It was my sleeping time 😛

    How are you planning to style it differently?
    If it’s only different in between the anchor tags then we could just use a filter to change the output of wp_list_categories.

    If the filter is not enough, do you want it flat or multilevel?
    If it’s flat then we just need to run a simple loop. If it’s miltilevel, we’ll need to extend the WordPress walker class.


    The markup goes like this

    <span class="category-name popular">Category Name
         <div class="left"></div><!-- *left round corner -->
         <div class="right"></div><!-- *right round corner -->

    <span> have to get an additional class “popular”, its not 🙁

    * Some dumb IE compatibility, can’t help 🙁

    I made a mistake about the filter. It also filters the title and alt attributes so it’s no good.

    Are you already using a custom function to add the markup? If so I’ll just modify that to include the popular class.

    Mistake ? Is it about the hack on plugin to add the checkbox ? Oops.

    Nop, I have’nt added any custom functions.

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