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  • Should be a simple one this…

    How do I add line breaks in to normal posts?

    I just want to move some text in a post further down from the text above it, more than just one line. But WordPress seems to strip just about any formatting of that kind out of the post. I’ve tried br’s, br’s with spaces in between, extra paragraphs, and nothing works.

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  • Try inserting <p class=”spacer”> and define it in style sheet, or even just
    `<p style=”line-height:30px”> 

    (Sorry, Firefox is playing silly buggers and wont let me put the closing p tag on.)

    This wont get stripped out

    Found this post about the issue, going back nearly a year. There doesn’t really appear to be a solution, the best one mentioned was:

    <br clear="all" />

    Are you using the Visual Rich Editor?

    Still…a double-return should do it for you…

    >> Are you using the Visual Rich Editor?

    nope. and a double return is stripped out too. i read something about shift-return or something that only works in IE? using firefox i don’t suppose it would work even if i could remember what it was :p

    that’s weird – it shouldn’t be doing that. What version are you running?

    2.1 (.0 i presume, i never updated to 2.1.1 anyway…). Double return deffinately does nothing, neither does shift-return in IE. Same thing with/without visual rich editor turned on, and in code/visual with it on.

    Two or more normal line breaks (in code or just using return) are always converted in to:


    EDIT: hang on… did i give a horibly bad explanation of my original problem? i’m having trouble getting the equivalent of more than 2 line breaks in to a post, if there’s any confusion 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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