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  • Dear members,

    I am an uneducated fool at computers and frantically need your assistance. This question will make an ass out of me.

    I want to add a JPEG in the same section as the copyright information on our WordPress site, and I cannot locate the page.

    I have even found *where* I should add it when I look at my site’s page-source, yet, when I log in via FTP or SCP, I cannot locate the corresponding page (do not know how to fetch the name). And, I do not know how to find it via the visual WordPress editor.

    Sorry and thanks.

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  • Michael


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    copyright is often at the bottom of the page, and therefore likely to be found infooter.php of the theme templates.

    this is just a guess, as you have neither named your theme (or posted a download link) nor posted a link to your site, so someone could have a look at it.

    you can edit your theme’s template files through ‘dashboard’ ‘appearance’ ‘editor’

    Thanks for the timely response. I am trying to find the infooter.php through FTP.

    Here is the link to the site. As I wrote, when I look at the page source, I see the div class but do not know where the location is of the page-source. I generically and looking for index.php, index.html, and do not know. Thanks for looking.

    This is the content, but I do not know the page from which it is taken.

    <div id=”cred”>



    <td class=”cred-left”>© 2010 Welcome to the South River Toastmasters</td>

    <td class=”cred-center”></td>

    <td class=”cred-right”>Suffusion theme by Sayontan Sinha</td>




    put this image tag where you want to add image

    <img src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘url’).’/wp-content/themes/DigitalGallery-Black/images/footer_logo.png’?>”/>

    where footer_logo.png is your image name ,put this image in image folder of your theme and DigitalGallery-Black is your theme name.



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    your theme has an options area:

    ‘dashboard’ ‘suffusion’ ‘visual effects’ ‘footer customisation’

    where you should be able to add html (such as your image code) to a chosen area of the footer

    Thank you dearly for your two responses. I especially had no idea that our theme has those options. I made some other adjustments instantaneously — prior I would download the style.css file and manually change fonts, fone sizes, and manipulation navigation sizes. Using the dashboard is much easier, thanks.

    The newest version has come out. but the footer does not seem to display correctly. Do you experience the same issue?

    Here is the site it is displayed. (love intellect wisdom education for happiness peace wealth via show reviews)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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