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  • I’ve been searching for this for about a year now and I am finally getting the nerve up to actually post on the forums to see if there is anything plugins out there like I have been searching for. Basically if you go to any stock photo website, as you are browsing the photos, if you hover your mouse ove one of the photos, the photo wil pop out as an enlarged version of the same photo. Basically giving the user a larger view of the photo without having to click on it. Very end user friendly. I know a plugin like this exists and I actually just found it, only problem is it’s for DRUPAL! Boooo! (Not a Drupal fan) Here’s the plugin:

    My question is, does it exist for WordPress?

    Here’s what I have tried so that we don’t waste anyones time with suggesting what I know won’t work:
    Simple Popup Plugin – Not for images – Just a random info pop-up
    Hover – For text links
    wp-hover – for text links
    HoverAlls – – does almost everything but image pop out on hover. Very awesome plugin byt the way but just not what I’m looking for.

    This next one was almost it, but it doesn’t have the option for the image to pop out on mouse over. It just zooms INTO the actual image.
    MagicZoom –

    Also, Paper Graph Press has a premium plugin called “Magnifier” that creates a magnifying glass on mouse hover which is super cool, but still not what I’m looking for.

    I feel like I have tried others too, but none do what the Drupal plugin does, which is EXACTLY what I have been trying to find. Here’s the Drupal plugin:
    Here’s the demo of exactly what I’m looking for:,242,49668

    Please, please, please, I’m begging if there is anyone out there who can help me, I would be oh so grateful.

    I’m looking for a plugin that when you mouse over an image the image pops out, enlarged. The backend of the plugin needs to pick the class of the image and make all images with a specific class pop out on mouse over. And to be able to define the size of the pop out box.

    Thanks a million!

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  • Total shot in the dark google search and it’s super old, but might work: image-zoomer. I have not tested it or looked at the code, but it’s in the plugin directory so you’re probably safe.

    Are you comfortable at all with html/css/js? There are a million jquery plugins that would allow you do this if you’re ok with never using the visual editor again and joining the dark side.

    Thanks for the suggestion but the plugin seems to be dead. I installed it but nothing happens on mouse over. see for yourself on this test page:

    I am pretty comfortable at with html/css? js is another story. I’ve tried to enqueue js into wordpress before and after about a week of banging my head on the wall, I gave up.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I may have to try and build this thing myself again. I figured that there must be something out there already. Please let me know if you have any other thoughts.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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