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How to add iframe

  • DevilsChild


    Dont know what I am doing wrong. Every time I add an iframe in the html code for creating new pages, it messes up my page. When I add the code, the code works. But the close tag gets delete. The </IFRAME>

    Here is the code I have tried. Is there any other way?
    <iframe src=http://address_to_template></iframe>

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  • Searching always helps lol. All those threads are related to Iframes, and *hopefully* you can find your answer there. =p

    But, this also *might be* useful too:

    I’m not sure though, because I *never* used an iframe in WordPress before.. =/


    I used an iframe once. Think it was in 2001? I have since forgiven myself…

    I used an iframe once. Think it was in 2001? I have since forgiven myself…

    LOL! I think the last time I used an Iframe, it was in a normal HTML, TABLE based site… was like back in 1999 I think, when just starting to learn HTML and such.. Haven’t used it since either.. lmao!


    Sam, I’ve been wondering..all those Tutes that you’ve made up on your blog, have you added any to the Codex yet? Or..if not, are you going to? 😉 I think they would be very useful there as well. =)



    Well I cant include a php code in the edit html part of the script. Doesnt show up. So some one suggested iframe. I dont like using it also.

    I expected to get some feedback and tidy them up, but hadn’t thought about adding to the codex… I’m hearing Wayne: “We’re not worthy!!!” ;’)

    DevilsChild: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/79131?replies=3

    That should help you.

    *EDITED* maerk, you beat me! lol! It’s all good though.. 😉

    DevilsChild, second reply there..it’s a plugin.. might help ya..

    or: http://priyadi.net/archives/2005/03/02/wordpress-php-exec-plugin/

    But, I prefer the RunPHP over the second option..

    I expected to get some feedback and tidy them up, but hadn’t thought about adding to the codex…

    Oh ok..well, I’ll have to check them out more then, give some feedback.. 😉

    I’m hearing Wayne: “We’re not worthy!!!” ;’)

    Hahaha.. =)


    It’s not just you, but any iframe tag — the damage depends on where it appears in the page build. It is a known defect. The problem here is that WordPress tries to parse coding and tags. As a result, “<iframe src=’yadda yadda’ etc.></iframe> ” is converted to “<iframe src=’yadda yadda’ etc. />” and the rest of the page doesn’t load properly. The fix seems to be to turn off ‘rich text editing’ and insert: “< br /></iframe>”. I saw a suggestions of &nbsp; but the rich text editor saw through that ploy. Thereafter, as long as the iframe sizes are appropriate to layout they seem to play nice with the other elements.

    doesn’t work….



    I’m just getting started with WordPress, and I’ve been wanting to do something for a couple weeks now: On my site, I want to add a Page for each of my social networking sites–embedding them right in the post, so no one has to click-through to see them. And for this I’ve used IFRAMEs. But everyone’s talking about them like they’re bad…why? And what’s the best way to do something like this? Thanks for the help all.



    Don’t know if this helps but i have a little plugin that allows you to add tags to your rich text editor, iframes are one of the examples that ships with the plugin. http://www.ozblog.com.au/?p=81

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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