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  • esmi


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    Site url?

    working on layout, still figuring out what i want to do with the side nav – so that’s changing. Just trying to figure out how I can replace the header HTML text with a graphic image.



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    It’s not going to be easy using that theme.

    What you could try to do is create an image no more than 550px wide and 75px high (call it header.jpg) and upload that to wp-content/themes/cordobo-green-park-2/images.

    Then edit style.css and add:

    #header {url(images/header.jpg) no-rpeat left top;}
    #logo, .description {position:absolute;top:-5000px;left:-5000px;}

    Thanks Esmi

    I’ll try that out and possibly switch themes if needed. Thanks for your help.


    please check the readme.txt file delivered with the theme or the “Green Park 2 Settings” in the admin panel of wordpress.

    The theme itself already contains the necessary CSS in style.css to add your own logo and a FAQ to change the logo in the readme.txt


    Thank you so much, that worked perfectly. I had completely overlooked the Green Park 2 Setting in the admin panel – so thanks again.

    You’re welcome 😉

    I can not replay every comment, would you like to fix it?


    Same issue here, but I cannot make it work.

    It says:

    You can easily replace the “text logo” with your image. Open the file “styles.css” in the themes folder

    * Find the text
    Start EXAMPLE CODE for an image logo (line 224)
    * Delete /* before
    #logo, (line 225)
    * Delete */ (line 230) after
    .description (line 229)
    * Find logo.png (line 228) and replace it with the name of your logo.
    * Change the height and width to fit your logo (line 226)
    #logo, #logo a { display: block; height: 19px; width: 87px; }
    * Find the text
    Start EXAMPLE CODE for a text logo (line 234)
    * Add /* before
    #branding (line 235)
    * Add */ (line 239) after
    #logo, .description { color: #868F98; float: left; margin: 17px 0 0 10px; } (line 238)
    * Save your changes and upload the file style.css to your themes folder.

    So I have in my css:

    /* Start EXAMPLE CODE image logo */
    logo, #logo a { display: block; height: 50px; width: 306px; }
    logo { position: absolute; top: 28px; left: 27px; }
    logo a { background: transparent url(img/logo.png) top left no-repeat; text-indent: -9999em; }
    .description { color: #868F98; display: block; left: 124px; position: absolute; top: 44px; }
    /* End EXAMPLE CODE image logo */
    /* Start EXAMPLE CODE text logo */
    #branding { display: block; position: absolute; top: 30px; left: 28px; }
    h1#logo { font-size: 30px; line-height: 1.2; margin: 0; }
    #logo, .description { color: #868F98; float: left; margin: 17px 0 0 10px; }
    /* End EXAMPLE CODE text logo */

    Heigh and width are correct and the name of the logo too (placed in /img of the theme folder). But it keeps putting the text logo instead.



    My question is how can you add a logo that is higher then 75px tall?

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