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  • Hello!

    How can I add new font for main content?
    I use ridizain-styles plugin and can select font from standart and google fonts, but I want to add my own. How can I do it?

    And I have problem with old IE (<=9.0) browsers: header and featured content sections looks very bad, look here:
    Does it possible to fix it? Or just forget about old IEs? 🙂

    P.S. Thank you for very good theme!

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  • Theme Author Brian Harris



    but I want to add my own. How can I do it?

    You’ll need to use a child theme and define your own font(s) to use with the theme.

    Alternatively you can use a plugin to upload your own font(s) – something like the Use Any Font plugin might do the trick.

    As for the IE issue, I’ve added as much support for older IE browsers as I can without over bloating the code in the theme. The IE browsers (especially the older ones) are a pain to support so if you can do without them then I’d say yes, ignore them. But I do realize that is not the ideal option for some so I’ll keep on looking for better ways to add in the support without over bloating the theme.

    Hope that helps in addressing your query but feel free to ask some more if the need be.


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