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    Hey i just made a plugin share-box, i don’t know how to add the files to the directory though :(.
    Where do i do the code?
    “# Create a local directory on your machine to house
    # a copy of the repository.

    $ mkdir my-local-dir

    # Check out the repository

    $ svn co my-local-dir
    > A my-local-dir/trunk
    > A my-local-dir/branches
    > A my-local-dir/tags
    > Checked out revision 11325.

    # As you can see, subversion has added ( “A” for “add” )
    # all of the directories from the central repository to
    # your local copy.

    # Copy the plugin files to the local copy.
    # Put everything in the trunk/ directory for now.

    $ cd my-local-dir/
    my-local-dir/$ cp ~/my-plugin.php trunk/my-plugin.php
    my-local-dir/$ cp ~/readme.txt trunk/readme.txt

    # Let subversion know you want to add those new files
    # back into the central repository.

    my-local-dir/$ svn add trunk/*
    > A trunk/my-plugin.php
    > A trunk/readme.txt

    # Now check in the changes back to the central repository.
    # Give a message to the check in.

    my-local-dir/$ svn ci -m ‘Adding first version of my plugin’
    > Adding trunk/my-plugin.php
    > Adding trunk/readme.txt
    > Transmitting file data .
    > Committed revision 11326.

    # All done!”

    It just say’s “Add your files to the trunk/ directory of your local copy of the repository.” BUT HOW???
    Please help me

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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