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  • Hi,

    the title can be confusing so I explain myself

    I’m having a private wordpress site that I use for my salesrep to place order. (i’m building it)

    First, there is a generic password to enter the site

    second, you must be logged in to have acces to the order forms

    third, subscription is off. Only an admin can create an account and then give acces to it and attribute appropriate privilege


    I want to have a field in the user profile that appear in grey (or at least be shown but nobody exept the admin can edit. This field would be something different for each user and be changed every month. EX: W5T89QTZ

    Then, on my form one of the field would be: “please enter your unique user code”. After he clic submit, the form would take a look at this field in the user account and validate.

    IF OK: Process the order (form submitted successfully by mail to me)

    IF Incorrect: Return to the form saying the field was incorrect

    For the form part almost everything is set up. Only the user profile field and the way it will call that field in the profile must be done after knowing how to edit.


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  • here is a more clearer way to say what I want

    I would like to see a Button in the admin pannel (in the users section)

    That would look like “Add A Field to Users Profiles”

    And in this section it would have some usefull options like:

    -Allow user to Create/Edit? Yes/No
    -Who can see that field? (user, author, admin, etc…)
    -Allow Other users to see that field? Yes/No
    -Who can modify that field?(user, author, admin, etc…)
    -Is that field a code/password used somewhere on this website? Yes/No: if yes show options on auto-change it every X day/hour/month and send it by email to the user. allow definition on how this code is made: (numbers, letters, symbols, lenght)

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