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  • I imagine this question has been asked before, but I searched for “read more” and “jump” and “extended entry” and didn’t find the answer.

    My question: How do I create an “extended” part of a post? That is, on the front page will be a certain portion of the post, then clicking a “read more” link will take the reader to the full, longer post.

    I know that using the “excerpt” field and setting the front page to show only excerpts would be one workaround, but that’s not a practical workaround for my situation. Only about 1 out of 10 posts on the blog will need an extended portion.

    Is there any way to make the “Write Post” interface have an “extended entry” field that functions like similar fields in pMachine or Movable Type?

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  • If you’re in the wywiwig editor, you want the symbol next to “the tree” (or alt-t).

    It generates a
    which does exactly what you’re after.

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