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  • Let’s say I have:

    Product A: $200

    Drop Down menu for product options:
    [Standard Length: $0]
    [42″ Length: add $20]
    [46″ Length: add $30]

    I can’t figure out how to do this. I tried setting up the product as a Variable product, but then the area to enter the price disappears.

    Then I looked at this extension:

    The description has no documentation I can look at. It says in the description at the top that it supports drop-down menus, but then below that it says: “Product add-ons supports require fields, textarea, checkboxes, selectboxes and file uploads.” which mentions nothing about drop down menus. Very confusing of the Woo people.

    Can someone help me out here? I need to add a drop-down menu to a product and the drop down menu would offer various options, and each of those options adds an additional cots onto the regular item.

    Thanks for any help and insight you might be able to provide.

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  • For a variable product, the area to enter the price is still there, but you have to dig down to each variation to find it, and click “expand all”

    You don’t have add-ons per se, you have a variable product with three variations, one priced at $200, a second one priced $220 and one priced $240.

    To add a price to each variation, from the WordPress dashboard select Products, and from the list select the product you want to modify.

    From the Product Data dialog, select the Variations tab.

    Then, in order to see the Price you have to click on “Expand All” and THEN you will be able to see the Price and Sale Price fields. You’ll have to enter a price, and a sale price if you wish, for each variation.

    Remember to save your product data, click Update in the upper right corner of the page before you close the page or move to another page.

    Thank you for the response citynode. That helps me understand.

    I have configurable products with many of these type of options and all of the options add a different additional price. So this ability will be very helpful.

    For instance Product A:

    Base model Product A:
    (select side shape – 5 to choose from)
    (select length – 3 to choose from)
    (select material – 4 to choose from)
    (select profile shape – 7 to choose from)
    (select extra options – 4 to choose from)

    It seems that will create a TON of variations but this is a very helpful feature to have. Thanks!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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