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    I have not used the downloadable items products yet.
    Could anyone tell me how it works?

    I’ve added a product but I don’t know how to make it show.

    Ideally I would like to have a listing of mp3 files with simple “add to cart” buttons next to them, that will only add to cart and then allow the seller to check out whenever he wants.

    Is this doable?

    I tried to add a short-code to my page but it wasn’t showing anything.

    Also! I will have two sort of shops, one would be selling non downloadable products while the other will.
    How can I have two very different shops on my website using the same plugin?

    Help would be much appreciated.

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  • ftb


    Thank you for that.

    I tried to add some files to download but then an empty download link would show up on my other shop which is a problem.

    I am guessing that it won’t be possible to have two shops with different features using eShop.

    I will try to download another plugin that will let me sell digital files, hoping that it won’t interact badly with the already set shop.

    then an empty download link would show up on my other shop

    What “other shop”?



    Well I have one shop selling objects and I want another shop selling digital downloadable files.

    The display for both shops should look a bit different as I don’t want a download link to appear on my object shop.

    You can use eShop to run both “shops” if you are careful with what you post and where. I suggest that you try reviewing eShop’s product listing shortcodes and use the relevant ones for each of your “shops”.



    Yes. Thank you.

    I’ve looked at this page. I still couldn’t find a solution with it.

    Downloadable items are displaying in both shops automatically as soon as I use them.

    I’ve used the [eshop_list_subpages] for my first shop.

    I guess I could use a featured list for the other shop in order for items not to appear in the first one.

    Still the download will appear.

    Hmm. I don’t know how to do this easily with eshop. Seems unnecessarily complicated.

    If any of you did that before please send me your ideas. I’d be happy to hear them.

    Are you using product Posts or Pages?



    I am using only pages at the moment.

    Then set up two separate “shop” pages, add products as children of those pages appropriately and use [eshop_list_subpages] on each of the shop pages.



    I guess I will try to do that again.
    On my last try, I had a problem having a download empty feature appearing in my other shop while I didn’t want one there.

    I don’t know how to get around that for instance.
    Ideally I would have wanted to have a sole, “add to cart” button close to the digital item i’m selling. But I guess that is somewhat of a complication.

    Would you know how I can tell only one of my shops to use the download option and the other not to?

    Plugin Author elfin


    what you ask is not possible within eShop.



    Thank you for your answer. Elfin. Do you think I could do this by downloading another plugin or do you think it would interfere with the eShop plugin?

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