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  1. Angus Todman
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Im sorry if this is a newbie question though Ive been searching around for a many hours and cant seem to find it.
    Here is the page I'm working on.


    [ Moderator note: link fixed, careful with that it messed up the whole post .]

    Im using the plugin 'google+hangout events' as the widget and in shortcodes. I'm trying to get the shortcode on the right side post to have dividers between each of the upcoming calendar events. It would be great to have control of each calender event instead of them being presented as a group.
    This is the current shortcode Im using.

        [tab title="Next Lesson"]
        [google+events limit="5"]
        [tab title="Lesson 2"]
        Tab Content 2.

    I would like to be able to do something like put the next upcoming lesson in tab 1, and the one after that in tab 2 (or seperate boxes etc). I LOVE the Hangout link. Its not working in the widget for some reason though works great in the post shortcode. any help with that would be appreciated. Also Id like to have the countdown timer and to the classes like in the widget in the shortcode.

    Any help or leads in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks.

  2. What's the URL to the plugin here that you are using? You might get a quicker response if you posted in that plugin's support forum instead of the general Plugins and Hacks section.

  3. Angus Todman
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Jan, thanks for the response.

    here is the URL


    I have left a msg there a few days ago but no response yet. Do you know how its possible to seperate or put a divider between the calender events? just even a simple black line between one event and the one after that would be a great start


  4. Try reposting to that plugin's support forum with this link:


    We really discourage duplicate threads but posting in the correct forum may get your problem looked at sooner.

    Note: plugin authors support their work here for free and on their own time and they don't have to provide support. It's cool when they do (and that author may) I'm just trying to set your expectations. ;)

  5. Angus Todman
    Posted 3 years ago #

    ok, Thanks Jan! :)

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