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  1. jboze3131
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Okay. My website is thebluesite.com
    It's easier to just look at it when I explain my problem. I have a new theme, and it has a small square icon for each new thing on the sidebar on the right side. Now, I want to add my own stuff there...with some of it- like the graphics, I want to get rid of the icon bullet thing that automatically pops on there anytime I added new stuff. What template do I find this info in? How do I get more content without it adding the bullet on each one? Also- when I add a graphic, if you look under the top graphic on the right sidebar, it adds an extra bullet to the section under it...don't know why.

    Also- the categories section and archives were in the theme already, and you notice they're really close together. But, the stuff I add (such as links and the various site sections at the top), they come out spread apart too far- it takes too long to scroll down the list...plus it seems the font is slightly larger on the stuff I added in myself. Where on earth do I change that setting? There's the stylesheet, "main","page","sidebar","header","footer", and I think that's all...but it's really confusing tryign to figure out what each template is used for and which corresponds to which!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hate the little bullets next to my graphics! :)

  2. MichaelH
    Posted 10 years ago #

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