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  • the system seems to automatically close up lines between paragraphs but I need to have some larger spaces between some paragraphs to break up the text.

    how do i insert a double line space instead of a single line???

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  • i would suggest adding some page breaks to get the desired spacing. a simple < br >. that is if your talking about what i think you are.
    add as many as needed. hope this helps or maybe not….

    Hi, I have the same problem too. But when I add
    tag. It works as long as I don’t edit the post. Because when I edited after I published, the
    tag is disappeared.

    are you editing your post in html or visual? i’m gonna go ahead and say that you are in visual try editing your text in html just like you would in visual except add that tag anywhere you want a space. also there are no spaces in that tag i just wrote it spaced out so it doesn’t get recognized as html in my post. let me know how it worked out for you

    There are plugins to remove wordpress formatting. Or perhaps turning off the wsiwyg editor under users/your profile.

    How about using a small heading like an <h4> to separate the different bits? Easy to do and good for viewer scanning.

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    hi thanks for the replies
    i have already tried < br > several times in both html and visual format

    I have also tried < p >< /p > thinking it would insert a para but no luck

    [spaces used here but not in formatting]

    thanks i have been using the h4 setting but sometimes it’s just a matter of wanting extra space between text rather than needing a sub-heading!

    compared to blogger the formatting is a pain in the ***
    i’m also having trouble with images not floating right left next to text and ended up manually inserting formatting in html

    is that a wp 2.5.1 fault or would it be the theme?

    have you tried
    I’m using it, and it works. I use also a return to make separated paragraphs in the visual mode.

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    have i tried what? if you mean the < br > then yes several times. i tried it in html mode before i came to the forum

    i have used the return to separate paragraphs but i need a DOUBLE line space
    using the return key multiple times still only returns a single line space

    unfortunately it’s not wysisyg. it will look fine with the (br) or the double return key but as soon as you save it wp performs some voodoo and the darn thing reformats itself

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    if i change


    in the css to 2.8em will that achieve what I want and make bigger lines between paragraphs?

    Well, to have two blank lines I use this:

    < code >< br >< /code >

    It works for me.

    After the edit it looks OK in the visual mode. When I come back to the HTML editor it loks like:

    One line here….
    < code >
    < /code >
    Other line here….

    I supose that you can write directly the code tags in two lines.

    in the css to 2.8em will that achieve what I want and make bigger lines between paragraphs?

    Yest, but the result will be proportional to the separation of the lines, so it’s not a good solution.

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    ah ok thanks sergiourra didn’t realise that was how line spacing worked.

    so in addition to putting in the br i also have to use the code?

    i will try that now thanks!

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    BRILLIANT sergiourra!!!

    phew so now i now to use the code before and after and it works fine.

    my next challenge is with the images not floating beside the text. is there a code fix for that too?


    Select the image and click the alignment button (left, right or center)

    You can edit the margins of the image in the style.css file.

    This is so retarded. I can’t enter more than one line of space either and I have tried what sergiourra suggested. I have wasted so much time on this.

    Thanks Sergo, I got it to work eventually.
    For two blank lines you have to enter :

    I wonder why normal
    does not work, it is so time consuming to find tags that work from one application vs another!

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