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  1. ReefRaff
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi I wanted to know how I could add banners (site logo's that are links) into areas like my header, menus, and outside the body of the page also. What i mean is along side the body are side bar gif's i think thats what there called, and I like to learn how to add content there also. maybe the theme is not the right one for that. any help or info on how to do this, what area of code needs to be changed and how to would be great. TIA,

    My site http://reefraff.com/WordPress/


  2. davidchait
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Everything requires some level of PHP knowledge -- except MAYBE for using something like Adsense with something like CG-Inbetween, which is more of a cut and paste thing.

    There are plugins that are simple banner rotators -- they'll cycle through a preset group of banners.

    There is stuff you can do yourself, like CG-Inbetween, where you could set up a few HTML files with Adsense or other code, and it'll include it where you tell it to (with single php function added to the theme).

    There is more complex advertising, like phpAds v2.0, that is made to present advertising from various companies, give an even presentation based upon percentages for each banner, and track clickthroughs (assuming the banner code itself isn't masking things). That's a real system.


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