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  • OmGah, I don’t know why I ever think I can figure this stuff out myself. Some themes are just plain difficult.

    I know Asides aren’t that interesting to folks now, since Matt Cutts introduced them a good 6 years ago, but all of a sudden I decided I would like them in one of my blogs, as a way to break up the look of the page, and also to add a quick link or shout-out.

    My theme doesn’t really support them. Or rather, the paid version of Ascetica does, in, but not in .org. After a week, I managed to add it to the formats in functions, so it now shows up on my admin post page, as a check box when I want to write one. (add_post_type, from

    However, I have not figured out how or where to add get_post_format, to actually strip out the title, and make it an aside, and not look like a regular post. Add post type is in Function.php, but get_post_format looks like it’s in home.php, for some reason.

    Can someone please just give me code or tell me where to put it to bring up an aside with no post title?

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  • Here is the tutor

    it doesn’t give example for aside, but gives example of link and video. Basically you just have to omit the title part yourself, like anything <h2> block that encloses the_title() function.

    Thank you. I read every single reference page on the one I linked to, btw, but didn’t find this one.

    However, I get the same error, unexpected elseif every time, no matter which file I put it in: home.php, index.php, functions, php.

    Ascetica theme has a hybrid.php and says atomic a lot. Could this be the problem?

    Also, really disappointed that there is no plugin. All the plugins for asides are on the sidebar.

    Unexpected elseif is PHP error. Copy and paste your code at

    if it does give you error, then the problem is your code.

    Thank you again, Self-Hosted. That is a great link that I’ve bookmarked.

    After more days of exploring, I finally pieced together a couple of things to make Asides work, which I list here to help others:
    In functions.php I added the word aside after array, like:add_theme_support( 'post-formats', array( 'gallery', 'aside' ) );
    where it already had the gallery class.

    Then I added <div <?php post_class(); ?> > to Main Index, willy nilly, just threw it in. The Codex here said it should have it, and I couldn’t find it elsewhere in the theme.

    I tried dozens of elses, as I said above, so I gave up doing that inside the phps. Then I added some CSS! You can see 2 asides up in my blog right now:

    I had huge problems, when I tried something in my functions file and got locked out of my blog altogether, so I am very wary now about touching that particular file.

    However as you can see in my link above, one of the asides is longer, and you can’t click on it to see more, because there is no title now. I would like Asides to show full content, not excerpt. The category won’t show up in the sidebar, probably because it’s a different class?

    Can anyone please tell me code for changing a post class to full content? Thank you for any help at all.

    For some reason my link doesn’t show up:

    Glad you’ve pulled that off, nice site by the way. For adding “read more” after the excerpt, check this out:

    scroll down until the subtitle that says:

    “Displaying a “moreā€¦” link when using the the_excerpt()”

    If you want to display the whole content, just use the_content().

    Thank you!!

    Sorry, I don’t get what you’re saying. I need to have the Asides behave like asides: show the whole content on the home page. Not add Read more or change the regular posts…

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