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  • I am trying to add an image (company logo) to the header. Not exactly sure how to replace the current header with an image. Is there some type of child theme I can use?

    Here is the website:
    I would like to replace “Wood and More” and “your imagination brought to life” with the logo image.

    Theme I used: Sliding door theme

    Thank you in advance.

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  • please anyone?

    you can do this by building a child theme and adding your own css. i will try to do it and i will get back to you

    My question is the same but in my case I am using the Creativix theme. There is an option under “Appearance – Header” in my dashboard to upload an image to replace the default image in the header, which I have done. No image i.e. default or the replacement image display on my website

    Any ideas as to what I need to do to resolve this matter, please?

    Sorry the website should read

    i have built the child theme for your purpose.

    your child theme is here

    I’ve commented that css file so you can do what ever you want.
    makesure that you go to your setting general and clear off the site caption.

    here is what i got by that child theme.. hope even you wanted the same

    FazBuzzWP, i dont have the same problem but almost the same, on my site i have a logo. but where the logo is it only goes about 40% across the top and the rest is white but i want it to be just the background of my site are you able to help please?

    IMO these problems are not identical and better start a new thread.
    but i kinda figured your problem out..
    if you have a logo for your after business..(logo text) go to appearance> themes> creativix theme option and upload your logo there.
    hope this is what you wanted.

    Thanks FazBuzz

    Yes, have done that. I was referring to the option in dashboard/appearance/header.

    it’s rude to start a new thread(before you say anything, no these problems are not identical) when someone’s problem is being addressed
    please start a new thread and how are we supposed to solve your problem when we can’t see where the problem is?( i mean give link for your website)

    i’m no theme guru but I don’t think that option works for creativix theme.. i strongly advise you to contact the theme developer for further questions.


    Thank you so much FazBuzzWP, for taking the time and getting the child theme code for me!

    Just one thing, its only showing on the front page, not on all the pages?

    Thanks again,

    i am working on your problem currently but in the mean time i strongly advise you to change the structure of your permalinks

    thank you for all the help!
    Check out the permalinks, let me know what you think?

    they are neat


    Please keep me updated with what you come up with for the header.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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