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how to add ALT tags to "custom" logos?

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  • The way the CSS is set up, you don’t need an ALT tag because the way the CSS is set up, you are using h1 tags as the name and using the CSS to display the logo as background, so in case the images were turned off, it would show your blog name and description.

    Thanks FuturePocket,

    But in my case, where I’ve turned off the name/description, and only the logo is showing, isn’t the name/description being dropped?

    And, for search engines, don’t I want to use the header to insert some text (or ALT tags) right off the bat?



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    1. You cannot add alt text to CSS background images.

    2. Try adding a proper site name and tagline to Settings->General and then using CSS to position this text off the graphical page so that it won;t interfere with your image header but is still available to search engines.

    “hiding” it off the graphical page is not considered “tricky” or grey tactics?

    if not, that’s an awesome idea.
    can you point me to a CSS tutorial that might touch on that?
    I’ll google it in the meantime.




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    No – it’s actually needed for users of non-graphical browsers or those user agents that are not CSS enabled. I’m afraid I cannot point you to a tutorial as the exact CSS varies from site to site.

    I would listen to esmi, he’s helped me before. I checked your page source and the blog name and description is there, so you can’t have deactivated it in WordPress settings. The theme could have a setting that extracts that information and displays it under the CSS background in case an image is deleted/broken.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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